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Welcome to KiSS NATiON: a free on air/web based interactive promotional program designed to honour and reward our loyal KiSS 103.1 listeners.

Once registered and logged on to KiSS NATiON, you can visit the KiSS Store, Raffle, Bonus Code, and the Event pages that display prize offers and KiSS NATiON Bonus Point opportunities directly.

You must register by setting up a username and password in order to earn and redeem Points, view your account balance, and see special offers for members only. You can access this information on the main page at


KiSS 103.1 is collecting personal data about members for the sole purpose of administering KiSS NATiON.  No further informational or marketing communications will be received by the member unless the member provides KiSS 103.1 with explicit permission to do so.  Please see our Privacy Policy at for full information on KiSS 103.1's policy towards maintaining the privacy and security of user information.

Once validated as a member of KiSS NATiON, all you need to do is enter your username and password to gain access to the KiSS NATiON features. You will be able to update your registration information as needed, as well as change your password. Profile updates and password changes have no effect on your Points account. Your Point balances will always remain tied to your username.



The accumulation of Points gives you opportunities to win your share of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, cash, and discounts offered throughout the year on KiSS 103.1. There are many ways for you to earn Points, as outlined below.



1. Events

From time to time, KiSS 103.1 will announce special events or display them on the KiSS NATiON website where KiSS 103.1 will give away Bonus Codes for Points. Log on to the KiSS NATiON site and go to the Bonus Code Event section to see locations on where you can earn more Points.

Once you have a KiSS NATiON Bonus Code - visit , login to KiSS NATiON - go to "Earn Points" and click on "Bonus Code". Enter the Bonus Code to earn more Points.

2. Advertiser Extra Credit

KiSS 103.1 will occasionally post Bonus Codes on various station advertiser pages throughout our web site at When you visit these sites you will be given the KiSS NATiON Bonus Codes for a specified number of Points.


As a member of KiSS NATiON, your KiSS NATiON Bonus Points earned accumulate in your Points Account. To check your current balance, log-in to KiSS NATiON and click on "My Account".

Points VALUE

Through the accumulation of Points you earn the opportunity to reap additional rewards! Here's how you can use them towards prizes, cash, discounts, opportunities and adventures.

1. Redeeming Points

KiSS 103.1 offers unique prizes and discounts on products, services and events in exchange for Points. To use your Points towards an item, simply enter the quantity you wish to redeem and click "Redeem". If you have sufficient Points and haven't already redeemed your limit (if any), your redemption will be confirmed and a confirmation page will appear with instructions for claiming your prize or discount. Once you click the "Redeem" button, if the transaction is successful, the Point amount will be deducted from your KiSS NATiON Account and cannot be returned.

2. Raffles and Sweepstakes

Periodically, KiSS 103.1 will offer incredible prize packages, trips, concert tickets, backstage passes, cars, and much, much more in exchange for Points. Some of these offers will be found on the web site, some will be announced on air. Along with each offer, members of KiSS Nation will be given instruction on how to spend their Points for chances to win. All winners will be subject to verification. For contests, Points will be deducted as bid, and the Points will serve as the contest entry.


Periodically, KiSS 103.1 will offer prizes based on the first person to offer a designated level of Points. For example, X number of concert tickets may be offered to the first person that wants to claim them for 10,000 Points each.  The sole determinant of time for the purposes of determining the first person eligible will be the KiSS 103.1 server machine(s). The manner in which these Points may be bid will be displayed or announced along with the prize offered.

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